Tax-free retirement income. It’s possible.

What if life insurance could open up a new source of income growth, investment opportunity and financial freedom in your life? Not just in retirement, but also for the here and now.

Open up possibility, with the power of leverage. Risk-free borrowing that gives you access to tax-free cash accumulation plus a tax-free death benefit for you, your family or your business.

Grow your nest egg, without the risk.

See how it's possible

What is Stream?

The Stream Protection Plan is a unique program that flips the typical life insurance model - so that it works for you as an asset, not just an expense. It allows members to purchase a cash value life insurance policy using the leveraging of a bank loan.

Diversify and take advantage of a new growth asset within your investment portfolio. Minus the risk. Tax-free rates of return of 8-12% are typical at life expectancy.*

Generate tax-free retirement income with no market risk, by accessing bank financing without the personal liability. On top of that, draw down on your policy tax-free to fund your life goals and unexpected expenses.

We put the asset into life insurance.

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A new lease on life insurance.

So, what is leveraged life insurance anyway? Leverage simply means having a bank help pay for your life insurance policy, with Stream acting as your borrower. It means you can apply a multiplier effect to your contributions and optimize your investment.

In simple terms, it’s a life policy where you can invest what you can afford and the bank funds. This boosts the cash value by accessing zero-risk borrowing.

With our plan, the bank will boost the premium put into your policy, up to $5.50 for every $1 you contribute. Your dollar is levered up to work smarter from day 1.

The power of leveraging, helping you secure and protect the life you love, both now and into the future.

Leverage up, for life.

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Image of coins showing the multiplier effect of a 3-5.5 return for every dollar invested in your Stream life insurance plan.

Protect the present. Secure your future. No filters.

Our promise is full transparency on your investment.
No longer just for the ultra-high net worth investor, we open up access for you to enjoy the unique benefits of premium-financed life insurance.

Benefits snapshot

A smart asset
Tax-free retirement income
Tax-free compounded cash accumulation
Tax-free death benefit protection
Tax-free long term care & chronic illness fund access
A non-correlated asset
Risk-free borrowing
No collateral required
No personal guarantee
No loan application
Stream is the guarantor
0% floor protection against market losses
No credit reporting
"For someone who worries about everything, this policy has provided peace of mind as not only does it cover if I pre-maturely pass away, but also if I become sick during my lifetime. Additionally, I have the option to borrow against my cash values in the future for optional tax free retirement income! I am so grateful to have found this program to add to my financial portfolio!"
Marissa, Thousand Oaks, CA
"Never in my life has anyone educated me on the tax advantages of utilizing cash value life insurance for retirement purposes. I can’t stop sharing this program with friends and family, as I truly feel this is an untapped opportunity."
Sara, San Diego, CA
At our stage in life, my wife and I have no bigger dream than to provide a springboard for our grandchildren to succeed. By using the Stream program, we are able to efficiently provide our grandchildren with financial freedom. If they want to start their own business, buy their first home, or continue to save, they will now have the opportunity to!
Fred & Ellie, Northridge, CA

I want in. How do I qualify and get started?

It is simple to become a member with Stream.

You must be an accredited investor.

Meet one of the following:
Program requirements:
Single and earn $200,000+
per year
Married and earn $300,000+ per year
Or, you have investable assets exceeding 1 million dollars
You can contribute at least $25,000 per year for 5 years